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Cleveland Fire Department Honor Guard

FGF Marty Mc Ginty Ceremonial Officer 
FGF Jarod Mosley
FGF Derrick Tripp
F.G.F. Emanuel Williams
F.G.F. Myran Jackson
F.G.F. Damon Johnson
FGF Marshall Shorts
F.G.F. Pat Mc Carthy
Capt Debbie Schroeder

FGF Jim Mosley

FGF Bill Sibert 

Lt Dean Murad

Lt Ron Jenkins
Lt Bill Staab ( Deacon, Bugler )
FGF Sean Andrews 
FGF Mike Vasquez
FGF Mike Fink 
FGF Bob Wilhelm
FGF Greg Geracioti
FGF Steve Cummings
FGF Randy Hightower
FGF Phil Leslie 
FGF Allen Scroggins
FGF Andy Patsouras


The Cleveland Fire Dept Guard was started in the early 1960's by Captain Harrison Babcock of Eng , back in the 60's the unit was referred to as the Drill Team, The Drill Team went to competitions in the region with other Departments, the Drill Team did win a competition and received a trophy which is on display at the FTA.


When the competitions disbanded in the late 60's. The Drill Team was renamed The Cleveland Fire Department Honor Guard. Today The Cleveland Fire Department Honor Guard represents The City of Cleveland, Div of Fire, Families of members active, and retired. The Honor Guard will post colors at Funerals, of active and retired members, sporting events, conventions, parades, memorial services, Safety Forces Holy Name Society mass in the spring and fall. The Honor Guard also assists other departments, in the region if requested. The Honor Guard will also attend Funerals in cities who have lost a brother or sister in the line of duty. 


The Cleveland Fire Department Honor Guard is currently seeking members from the Cleveland Fire Department who would be interested in joining the Honor Guard. Any member interested in being a part of a very respectful unit, can attend the monthly drill at the FTA from 1900hrs - 2100hrs Any questions please feel free to call:

Marty Mc Ginty




The Cleveland Firefighters Association
IAFF Local 93- Established 7/19/18

Phone : (216) 252-5900
Fax: (216) 252-5966