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All Cleveland Firefighters are members of IAFF, Local 93.
  Local 93 was chartered on July 19, 1918

The Cleveland Fire Department became a full time paid department in April of 1863. 

Due to repeated budget cuts, our staffing is down to 750, the lowest in 50 years.

There are 23 active CFD firehouses.
22 Engine companies.(staffed with 4 EMT Firefighters)
11 Ladder companies.(staffed with 4 EMT Firefighters)
2 Technical Rescue companies.(staffed with EMT 4 firefighters,
6 Battalions.  (The Battalion Aide Position became a casualty of budget cuts in 2011)
1 Fireboat (housed at station 21) Staffed on a temporary basis due to budget cuts
A haz mat team (housed at station 7)

Arson investigation Unit (Car 713) AKA FIU
Fire Prevention Bureau
Fire Training Academy
BEAM (Bureau of Emergency Apparatus Maintenance) On duty mechanic for Fire trucks and EMS ambulances
BEARS (Bureau of Equipment and Repair Services)

Headquarters is located at 1645 Superior ave.
Phone number- 216-664-6800

The Cleveland Division of Fire is an "All Hazards Service" and uses traditional specialized company operations.  

Here is a list of services that we have provided for decades;

1. Fire suppression

2. Rescue of victims, trapped by fire

3. Pre hospital medical treatment &transportation to hospitals by State of Ohio Certified EMT Firefighters and Paramedic Firefighters

4. Technical rescue service
(High angle rescue, Trench rescue, Water rescue, Confine space rescue, Divers for both rescue and recovery operations)

5. Hazard Materials Emergency response

6. Respond to motor vehicle accidents

7. Operate the "Jaws of Life" hydraulic tools for removing victims trapped in automobiles

8. Rescue of victims who are trapped in machinery

9. Respond to Natural Gas Leaks

10. Weapons of Mass Destruction Emergency response

11. Elevator rescue

12. Lifesaving Smoke detectors

13. Fire prevention bureau

14. Assist other city services in gaining entry into structures and vehicles

15. Arson investigation unit

16. Year round Community Charitable work

17. Public Education

18. Staff and operate the Fire Dispatch Center

"We specialize in helping Cleveland's residents, visitors and businesses in their time of need and keeping everybody safe"

Members of Engine Companies wear BLACK fire helmets.


Members of Hook and Ladder Companies wear RED fire helmets


Members of Technical Rescue Companies wear YELLOW fire helmets.



Engine companies (Pumpers)
Staffed with 4 EMT Firefighters  

Extinguish fires, respond to various emergencies and perform pre hospital care at the EMT Basic level. Pumpers carry 500 gallons of water & hoses and fittings of various sizes.  Currently, 5 CFD Pumpers are equipped with advanced life support and staffed with 3 EMT Firefighters and 1 Paramedic Firefighter.





Hook & Ladder companies (Trucks)
staffed with 4 EMT Firefighters.

Perform forcible entry, search and rescue, ventilation, secure utilities, salvage, overhaul, , respond to various emergencies and perform pre hospital care at the EMT Basic level.

 Ladder companies carry ground ladders of various lengths, 100 ft aerial ladder and many different tools. The apparatus is positioned to provide a safe scene for all personnel to operate on while working at motor vehicle collisions.


Hook & Ladder

Tower ladder




Technical Rescue companies -
Staffed with 4 EMT Firefighters  

Perform search and rescue for both; firefighter & civilian victims at structure fires, work in tandem with the first arriving truck company, to accomplish forcible entry, search and rescue and ventilation.

  Work as ordered by the Battalion Chief, which may include, being ordered to stretch an additional hose line.  Technical Rescues carry specialized equipment and many different tools for a variety of rescue emergencies (vehicle and machinery extrication, rope rescue, water rescue, etc.).   Also perform pre hospital care at the EMT Basic level.




All Chiefs wear White helmets

CFD Terms
"Wheels Rolling"
-stating over the radio that the company is responding
"Backing in"
-stating over the radio that the company has returned to quarters
-single engine response. (Car fire, Dumpster fire etc.)
MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident)
-1 Engine, 1 Ladder (used for making the scene safe by blocking the working area),and 1 Rescue Squad.
If there is Entrapment the response is the same as above and the nearest Battalion chief also responds as I. C.
Box alarm
-2 Engine companies, 1 Ladder company, 1 Rescue squad, 1 Battalion Chief.
Working Fire response dispatch- 1 additional Ladder company (RIT), 1 additional Engine company (worker)
Signal 2-2-2 (Triple Two)
-Second alarm. A double Box alarm. (4 engines, 2 ladders, 2 Rescue Squads, 2 Battalion Chiefs, 1 Assistant Chief,  RIT (Ladder), Worker (engine)
Signal 3-3-3 (Triple 3)
-3rd alarm
First responder
- A fire company responding to a medical emergency
-(open hydrant, downed power lines, 911 hang up etc.)

Cleveland Fire Department, Cadet Class Hire Dates

4th Class
March 31 1970
5th Class
May 16 1970
6th Class
January 16 1972
7th Class
June 11 1973
8th Class
November 14 1977
9th Class
January 26 1981
10th Class
March 16 1981
11th Class
June 2 1981
12th Class
March 8 1982
13th Class
November 1 1982
14th Class
July 18 1983
15th Class
April 22 1985
16th Class
June 15 1987
17th Class
May 8 1989
18th Class
January 7 1991
19th Class
June 1 1993
20th Class
February 14 1994
21st Class
September 5 1995
22nd Class
November 4 1996
23rd Class
April 1 1997
24th Class
March 9 1998
25th Class
October 9 2000
26th Class
February 5 2001
27th Class
April 13 2009
28th Class April 15, 2013
29th Class February 24, 2014
30th Class July 13, 2015
31st Class February, 16. 2016
32nd Class January, 5, 2017
33rd Class March 12, 2018
34th Class September 10, 2018
35th Class April 22, 2019


The Cleveland Firefighters Association
IAFF Local 93- Established 7/19/18

Phone : (216) 252-5900
Fax: (216) 252-5966