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(The Cleveland Firefighters Association Became IAFF Local 93 on July 17, 1918)

150 years of tradition

The date April 19, 1863 is the official date that CFD was established by City Council in an Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance to Provide for the Reorganization of the Fire Department." That legislation replaced the Ordinance that had governed the volunteer department. There were four companies in service on April 9, 1863, the first at No. 1 having gone in service on December 17, 1862. 

The official anniversary of The Cleveland Fire Department is April 9th of 1863.


1900 Cleveland Fire Dept. Movie:Click Here
The movie was filmed on October 18, 1900

Collinwood Fire Video From Cleveland Public Library
100 year anniversary March 4th, 1908

Life of an American Fireman 1903

Good Video of Horse Drawn Fire Trucks



The big day finally arrived. On December 16, 1862, City Council took several actions. Phoenix Hand Engine Co. No. 4 (volunteers) was disbanded, severing all its connections with the Fire Department and ending a span of service which started in 1834. Their house on Frankfort St. was designated for the exclusive use of the new steam fire engine. The Fire & Water Committee was directed to equip and man the new steam fire engine for immediate use and make all necessary alterations in the engine house to adapt it for use by the steam fire engine. Ten men were quickly hired, apparently waiting in the wings, and Steamer #1 began service in the Cleveland Steam Fire Department.

Over 140 Years of Service



Cleveland Fire Department Chiefs

1863-1864                James A. Craw
1864-1874                James Hill
1875-1880                John A. Bennett
1880-1900                James W. Dickinson
1901-1931                George A. Wallace
1931-1949                James E. Granger
1949-1963                Elmer M. Cain
1963-1980                William E. Barry
1981-1991                James J. McNamee
1991-1993                Walter V. Zimmerer
1993-1996                William E. Lee
1996-1998                Robert M. Derrit
1998-2004                Kevin G. Gerrity

2004-Present            Paul Stubbs






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The Cleveland Firefighters Association
IAFF Local 93-Since July 19, 1918

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